Do Cory Catfish eat algae?

Also known as corydoras and cory cats, the cory catfish is the perfect aquarium fish for beginners due to its peaceful nature and low maintenance character.  While these fish are pretty easy to look after, there are a few things to take note of to ensure that they thrive within your tank and, one of these is, of course, their diet. 

Do cory catfish eat algae?

Nope.  When keeping fish, you may notice that algae is growing on the wall of the tank or substrate and, with some species of fish, this can provide a free and convenient source of food – but not so for the cory catfish. 

Although the cory cat may occasionally chow down on sinking algae wafers, they will, as a rule, refuse to eat naturally occurring algae.  Having said that, these fish are scavengers and so will eat scraps of algae floating in the tank and can, therefore, help to prevent larger algae blooms from growing. 

What’s on the menu for cory catfish?

To keep your cory cats healthy and happy, it’s a good idea to introduce a varied diet which should include: 

  • Bloodworms
  • Shrimp pellets
  • Catfish pellets

Your cory catfish will also eat dead shrimp but, this should be an occasional treat rather than a staple part of their diet. 

Furnishings and fittings

To create the perfect pied a terre for your cory catfish, it’s important to keep the water in the tank as clean as possible.  You’ll also want to furnish the tank with soft natural sand, driftwood and dense vegetation in order to best recreate your fish’s natural habitat.